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Real people are suffering.  In Illinois, just like everywhere else, terminally ill and suffering people need the CHOICE that an aid-in-dying law will provide.  And many of us have loved ones who died in agony because Illinois doesn’t have such a law.  Our YouTube channel has some of their stories.

Final Options Illinois is part of the worldwide movement for aid in dying, also called death with dignity.  We’re part of a broad movement that recognizes that there’s way too much suffering at end of life, and there’s much we can do to minimize that suffering — for example, hospice and palliative care.

But suffering at life’s end is sometimes extreme, even with the best palliative care.  We believe that mentally competent, terminally-ill adults have a basic human right to choose to hasten their death.  We need legal change to establish that right.  Suffering people must be able to obtain the means to a peaceful, dignified, humane and pain-free death.  Their doctors and loved ones must be able to assist them.  Nobody must ever be coerced or encouraged to hasten their death — but the CHOICE to do so must become a basic human right.

The movement to establish the legal right to control the manner of one’s dying is truly worldwide, with work ongoing in many states and countries.  Here in Illinois, we have drafted an Oregon-style bill, the Illinois Patient Choices at End of Life Act.  Here’s a one-page summary of our proposed law, a seven-page briefing paper, and the draft law’s full text.

Our movement is making great strides around the U.S. and around the world.  If you support this cause — if this is something you want for yourself and your loved ones — then please join us.  It’s the ultimate human right — and ours is the human rights cause of the 21st century.


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