Compassion & Choices has produced a wonderful year-end video, highlighting our movement’s successes in 2016.  Only six minutes long, highly recommended viewing, check it out here!  Also check out this fascinating piece by C&C’s Barbara Coombs Lee and Kim Callinan, “Medical aid-in-dying: a hallmark of patient-centered care“, published in on November 22.

Highly recommended: medical ethicist Arthur Caplan’s interview of Doctor Timothy Quill, from Medscape, on December 5.  The headline is “Physician-Assisted Dying — Our Society Needs It, says MD”.  Dr. Quill is a professor at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Palliative Care, and a board-certified physician in palliative care.

From Australia:  Ross Fitzgerald writes in the Brisbane Times on overwhelming public support for passage of medical aid in dying legislation.  77% of Catholics and 88% of Anglicans want to see aid in dying made legal !!!  The article describes how arguments against aid in dying “pale into insignificance alongside the deep and unnecessary suffering that many people will through in the end stage of their lives,” talks about prospects for passage of aid in dying legislation in the Australian states of Victoria, and notes how “Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews recently experienced the death of his father from cancer.  By all accounts, this harrowing experience may have changed his attitudes and opened his heart to the possibility of a new way of dealing with death and dying for all Victorians.”

And check out the wonderful website of Go Gentle Australia !!!!  What a wonderful organizational name.  That’s what it’s all about, going gently when it’s time to go.