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Massachusetts Medical Society drops opposition to aid in dying !!!!

In a major step forward for the aid in dying cause, the Massachusetts Medical Society has voted to adopt a neutral position on proposed aid in dying legislation for Massachusetts.  The vote was by a massive 152 to 56 majority.  In announcing its decision, the Society said that its neutral position would allow the organization to serve as a medical and scientific resource as part of legislative efforts that will support "shared [...]

Australian state of Victoria poised to legalize aid in dying !!!!

Great news from Australia!  On November 22, the upper chamber of the parliament of the Australian state of Victoria passed a groundbreaking assisted dying bill, similar to the one previously passed by the lower chamber.   The historic bill passed by a vote of 22 to 18 after a long night of debate.  The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that supportive members of the Victorian parliament wept with relief and joy when it [...]

Canadian law a huge success — Secobarbital now available in Canada

The news from Canada about their new aid in dying law is out, and it's official: the law is a huge, unqualified success. Health Canada reports that in the laws first year of operation, from June 2016 to June 2017, a total of 1,982 individuals received an assisted death. Nearly 2,000 people able to spare themselves from their final agonies !!!!! It's all about being compassionate towards ourselves. How wonderful. Canada's law [...]

Final Options Illinois — June/July 2017 newsletter

Our June/July 2017 newsletter.  Featuring stories on the first anniversary of aid in dying being legal in both California and Canada, powerful articles from the Chicago Tribune and New York Times profiling Ray Perman and John Shields, respectively, and information about Compassion & Choices' new "Truth In Treatment" initiative, aiming to put people in charge of their health care decisions during their final days

Final Options Illinois — our YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel.  Aid in dying is not just an abstract concept. There are many people here in Illinois, terminally ill and suffering intolerably, who need the CHOICE that the Illinois Patient Choice at End of Life Act will provide. And there many people whose loved ones have suffered agonizing deaths because Illinois doesn't have such a law. Our YouTube channel presents some of their stories.  

Is Dying A Pro-Choice Issue?

Is Dying A Pro-Choice Issue?  Cover article in The Humanist issue of January/February 2015 by Tone Stockenstrom, about the World Federation Conference held in Chicago in September 2014.  With extensive quotes from Hemlock of Illinois president Ed Gogol, Hemlock of Illinois members Lynn and Court Lawson, author Derek Humphry, senior medical director for Final Exit Network Dr. Richard MacDonald, Canadian legislator Veronique Hivon, Archbishop Emeritus of Capetown South Africa Desmond Tutu, and South African activist [...]

Final Options Illinois — February 2017 mailing

Final Options Illinois -- our February 2017 mailing.  With information about Judge Neil Gorsuch and how he is clearly unqualified and unfit for the US Supreme Court. Announcing Final Options Illinois Action, reporting on the new Washington DC aid in dying law going into effect, and with flyers for our March 20 coalition event "Truth In Treatment" and two more showings of "How To Die In Oregon."

Final Options Illinois — January 2017 newsletter

Our January 2017 newsletter.  With the news from Colorado, where aid in dying legislation was approved on Nov. 8 by nearly two-thirds of voters, and from Washington DC, where aid in dying was passed by the DC City Council by an eleven to two majority and signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser on Dec 19. Featuring a review of Diane Rehm's new book "On My Own".

Aid in Dying Movement Advances

Editorial in the New York Times, October 10, 2016, in which the Times makes clear its support for aid in dying. Responding to the statement by the New York Medical Society opposing aid in dying, the Times writes: "In fact, terminal patients in excruciating pain and their relatives contemplate these implications every day around the country. There is no compelling reason to deprive them of physician-assisted dying as one option alongside high-quality [...]

Desmond Tutu in the Washington Post:  “Dying people should have the right to choose how and when they leave Mother Earth”

From the Washington Post, October 6, 2016.  An updated profound statement by Nobel laureate archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Highly recommended.  He writes, "Just as I have argued firmly for fairness and compassion in life, I believe that terminally ill people should be treated with the same compassion and fairness when it comes to the their deaths.  Dying people should have the right to choose how and when they leave Mother Earth.  I believe [...]

Final Options Illinois — August 2016 newsletter

Our August 2016 newsletter.  With the news that aid in dying has gone live in California and all across Canada, with an extended analysis of the groundbreaking Canadian law plus the beautifully said preamble to the Canadian law, and with the Op-Ed piece by Chicagoan Miguel Carrasquillo published in the Chicago Tribune on April 15, 2016

How We Die:  Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter

How We Die:  Reflections on Life's Final Chapter, by the late Sherwin B. Nuland, MD. A profound and important, detailed description of the physical realities of dying and death. First published in 1995. Read this to understand the true realities of dying, and how horrible it can be, and why the right to hasten one's death must become a fundamental human and legal right.

Final Options Illinois — January 2016 newsletter

Our January 2016 newsletter.  With the great news that California Governor Jerry Brown signed the End of Life Option Act, and that the Quebec aid-in-dying law has gone into effect, and with an extended article about California by George Eighmey, President of the Death With Dignity National Center

A principled conservatism supports the right to aid-in-dying

A Principled Conservatism Supports the Right to Aid in Dying.  New York Times, October 19, 2014. A letter by Hemlock of Illinois president Ed Gogol, pointing out the growth of the worldwide movement for death with dignity, and urging conservatives to support the right to aid-in-dying.

How To Die in Oregon

How To Die In Oregon.  Website for the award-winning documentary about the compassionate relief provided by the death-with-dignity law in Oregon, and the successful campaign to pass a similar law in Washington state in 2008. Includes the trailer for the film.  Highly recommended.

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