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New Jersey’s New Bill May Indicate Changing Views Toward ‘Death With Dignity’

New Jersey's New Bill May Indicate Changing Views Toward 'Death With Dignity', by Annamarya Scaccia, December 4, 2014, on the website of RH Reality Check -- Reproductive and Social Health & Justice.  Discusses the new bill which passed one house of the New Jersey legislative in November, prospects for death with dignity legislation, explores the links between opposition to aid-in-dying and opponents of the right to abortion.  With quotes from Death With [...]

The Brittany Fund

Website for Brittany Maynard, the courageous Californian with aggressive brain cancer who moved to Oregon to take advantage of its progressive death with dignity law.  Also watch the interview with Ms. Maynard on CBS Morning News on October 14, 2014.  

At the Movies With The Right-To-Die Society

At The Movies With The Right To Die Society, in Chicago Lawyer, November 2014, by Roy Strom. Comprehensive article about our cause, about Hemlock of Illinois, and the death with dignity law we've drafted for Illinois, focused on the September 2014 World Federation Conference held in Chicago. With quotes from Derek Humphry, Hemlock of Illinois president Ed Gogol, executive director of the Disability Rights Legal Center Kathryn Tucker, famed Chicago attorney Fay [...]

Is There an Ideal Age to Die?

Response to, Is There An Ideal Age To Die?   Commentary by Hemlock of Illinois president Ed Gogol, on the "Chicago Tonight" website on October 7, 2014, responding to an article by Ezekiel Emanuel.

Dying Without Morphine

Dying Without Morphine, in the New York Times, October 1, 2014, by Ronald Piana.  "Imagine watching a loved one moaning in pain, curled into a fetal ball, pleading for relief.  Then imagine that his or her pain could be relieved by an inexpensive drug, but the drug was unavailable.  Each day about six million terminal cancer patients around the world suffer that fate because they do not have access to morphine, the [...]

Fighting to Honor a Father’s Last Wish:  To Die At Home

Fighting to Honor a Father's Last Wish:  To Die At Home, by Nina Bernstein, New York Times, September 25, 2014.  Powerful and disturbing article detailing one woman's struggle to get end of life care for her father at home instead of in institutions, and the twisted financial incentives that make this so hard.

Panel Urges Overhauling Health Care At End of Life

Panel Urges Overhauling Health Care At End of Life, in the New York Times, September 18, 2014.  Article about the new report issued by Institute of Medicine calling for comprehensive reform to increase access to palliative care, provide care at home, etc.  Click here to download either the summary or the full report.

Canada considers right-to-die policies

In-depth conversation with Veronique Hivon, legislator in the Canadian province of Quebec, and the person most responsible for the 2014 passage of Quebec's groundbreaking aid-in-dying law. On the "Worldview" program of Chicago's WBEZ radio station (part of National Public Radio), September 17, 2014.  Click here to listen on SoundCloud.

Chicago Hosting Right To Die Event, featuring Lynn Lawson

Chicago Hosting Right-To-Die Event, in the Chicago Tribune, September 16, 2014.  By Bonnie Rubin. Powerful article about the conference of the World Federation of Right-To-Die Societies and our campaign to pass an Oregon-style aid-in-dying bill in Illinois. With quotes from Hemlock of Illinois members Deborah Landis and Lynn Lawson, and a powerful three-minute video interview with Lynn Lawson and her husband Court, making it clear why establishing the right to aid in dying [...]

When Medicine is Futile

When Medicine Is Futile, in the New York Times, September 9, 2014, by Barron H. Lerner, MD and professor of medicine at New York University. An important discussion of medical futility -- when aggressive care can bring no benefit and only increase suffering.

Dead at noon:  B.C. woman ends her life rather than suffer indignity of dementia

Dead at noon:  B.C. woman ends her life rather than suffer indignity of dementia, in the Vancouver Sun, August 21, 2014, by Denise Ryan.  About Gillian Bennett, 85, descending into dementia after a long and happy life, choosing to hasten her death.  Moving and informative.  See especially her website dedicated to explaining her point of view at www.deadatnoon.com.

Picking a Nursing Home Shouldn’t Be Trial and Error

Picking A Nursing Home Shouldn't Be Trial and Error.  Jane Brody's "Personal Health" column in the New York Times from August 4, 2014 -- vitally important information for people evaluating the suitability of a nursing home for a loved one with dementia"The End -- A Parting Gift -- The Death and Life of John Shields

UK Care Minister Normal Lamb backs assisted dying bill

UK Care Minister Norman Lamb backs assisted dying bill, from the BBC, July 17, 2014.  An interview with Normal Lamb, member of Parliament, who says he has "changed his mind", and now supports the passage of death-with-dignity law in the U.K.  He is quoted as saying, "I think there are very clear safeguards, the safeguards are absolutely critical, in a sense it was the fear of exploitation which always caused me concern [...]

Desmond Tutu:  A dignified death is our right — I am in favor of assisted dying

A Dignified Death Is Our Right -- I am in favor of assisted dying, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in The Guardian, July 12, 2014.  An impassioned, profound and important statement by the famed Desmond Tutu, archbishop emeritus of Capetown South Africa, one of the world's truly great human beings.  Read this! Also see Rev. Tutu's welcoming video to the delegates to the 2014 World Federation Conference, on the website of Dignity South Africa

A Christian Perspective on Choice in Dying, by Episcopal Bishop Shelby Spong

A Christian Perspective on Choice In Dying, by Episcopal Bishop Shelby Spong, at the 14th national conference of the Hemlock Society, January 2003.  "I think this choice should be legal.  I will work...to create a world where...physicians will assist those, who choose to do so, with the ability to die at the appropriate time.  I also think the choice to do this should be acclaimed as both moral and ethical, a human [...]

Bill would add to end-of-life care

Bill Would Add To End-of-Life Care, by Barbara Brotman in the Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2014.  About the new bill just passed at that time in Illinois strengthening and expanding the POLST (Physician's Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) program

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