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When memory faces, love remains — the reality of Alzheimer’s

An excellent letter in the Chicago Tribune, published February 13, 2018, by Sharon Silverman, about her aunt and uncle, and her aunt's descent into dementia, and how her uncle finally chose not to treat her aunt's infection, so that she could die peacefully. Ms. Silverman concludes, "Alone together, he stroked her head. He held her hands. He laid next to her, embracing her body — the body he had known for over [...]

From the Columbus Dispatch — aid in dying bill introduced in Ohio !!!

It's not going anywhere in Ohio's very conservative legislature, but it's an important milestone nevertheless:  an Oregon-style aid in dying bill has been introduced by courageous state senator Charleta B. Tavares, a Democrat representing the Columbus area. Aid in dying in Ohio is being promoted by our sister organization Ohio End of Life Options, led by Lisa Vigil Schattinger, a nurse, and the daughter of Oregon physician Dr. Jack Rowe, who, dying [...]

Powerful new video about Grant McGuire shows the importance of medical aid in dying

"Powerful, profound, moving and vitally important" are just a few of the words that are descriptive of this incredible eight-minute video by Final Options Illinois member Amanda Breeden, about her grandfather Grant McGuire, who took advantage of Oregon's aid in dying law to escape an agonizing end from pancreatic cancer.  Don't miss! Click here to watch it on FOI's YouTube channel, and click here to read the full text.  

No Mercy: Our Health Care System Lacks Compassion Option

No Mercy:  Our Health Care System Lacks Compassion Option.  A powerful op-ed on the website Eco RI News, by the editor Frank Carini, published December 21, 2017. Describes the agony of his father's final 36 hours, dying from lung cancer:  "He was given morphine to dull the pain and help his labored breathing. He was prescribed Ativan to calm him. What he wasn’t given was a choice." Disposes of the arguments against:  [...]

Year End Treats, Not To Be Missed !!!

Year-End Treats, Not To Be Missed !!!  An email to members and supporters of Final Options Illinois, published December 29, 2017, featuring the fascinating year-end video from Compassion & Choices, and indispensable articles by Compassion & Choices chief program officer Kim Callinan, Allow modern medicine to relieve agonizing end-of-life experiences, in thehill.com; People Should Have Choices As Their Life Is Ending, in Mass Live; and (with C&C president Barbara Coombs Lee, A [...]

A Patient-Centered Response to Legalized Assisted Dying

A powerful and thoughtful piece, A Patient-Centered Response to Legalized Assisted Dying, by John Frye and Stuart J. Youngner, MD, in the prestigious journal Annals of Internal Medicine, on November 15, 2016.  Calls on the medical community to engage with aid in dying, to drop opposition to it, and to serve as a resource for states in which it has been legalized and states which are considering legalization. It's very important to [...]

A Call to the Palliative Care Community for a Patient-Centered Response to Medical Aid In Dying

A vitally important article, A Call To The Palliative Care Community For A Patient-Centered Response to Medical Aid In Dying, by Compassion & Choices president Barbara Coombs Lee and chief program officer Kim Callinan, published in the prestigious journal Health Affairs, in March, 2017. "We routinely hear from people who praise their palliative care team for the support either they or a loved one received during a serious illness.  However, we also [...]

People should have choices as their life is ending, in Mass Live

A beautiful piece, People should have choices as their life is ending, in Mass Live, on December 26, 2017, by Kim Callinan, chief program officer for Compassion & Choices.  Describing how "an enlightened generation of women" transformed the process of pregnancy and childbirth over the past few decades, she writes, "The pressure from women and their partners was so intense that the system yielded ... Imagine if we could have the same [...]

Allow modern medicine to relieve agonizing end of life experiences, from “The Hill”

A fascinating article from thehill.com, one of the indispensable news sites for Congress, Allow modern medicine to relieve agonizing end-of-life experiences, by Compassion & Choices chief program officer Kim Callinan, on December 25, 2017.  It's a comprehensive piece covering the "palliative care option known as medical aid in dying," she writes.  "Sure, we allow people access to other forms of palliative are.  Yet those cannot alleviate every patient's agony.  Sadly our approach [...]

Compassion & Choices 2017 Year End Video

A five-minute, 2017 year-end video  titled Unprecedented Progress -- Unprecedented Threats, from our movement's leading organization, Compassion & Choices.  With inspirational scenes from the fight to protect Washington DC's new aid in dying law featuring DC congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and DC mayor Muriel Bowser, footage of the famed activist Dolores Huerta supporting aid in dying, video of Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) singing at the 20th anniversary celebration [...]

Final Options Illinois — our December 2017 newsletter

Our new December 2017 newsletter is now available, with fascinating articles about: The new aid in dying law in Washington DC being in full force despite Congressional efforts to overturn it; Our tremendous victory in Massachusetts, where the state medical society has dropped its opposition to aid in dying, signaling by the language they used that this group of prestigious doctors actually supports it; The success of the Canadian aid in dying [...]

Massachusetts Medical Society drops opposition to aid in dying !!!!

In a major step forward for the aid in dying cause, the Massachusetts Medical Society has voted to adopt a neutral position on proposed aid in dying legislation for Massachusetts.  The vote was by a massive 152 to 56 majority.  In announcing its decision, the Society said that its neutral position would allow the organization to serve as a medical and scientific resource as part of legislative efforts that will support "shared [...]

Australian state of Victoria poised to legalize aid in dying !!!!

Great news from Australia!  On November 22, the upper chamber of the parliament of the Australian state of Victoria passed a groundbreaking assisted dying bill, similar to the one previously passed by the lower chamber.   The historic bill passed by a vote of 22 to 18 after a long night of debate.  The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that supportive members of the Victorian parliament wept with relief and joy when it [...]

Canadian law a huge success — Secobarbital now available in Canada

The news from Canada about their new aid in dying law is out, and it's official: the law is a huge, unqualified success. Health Canada reports that in the laws first year of operation, from June 2016 to June 2017, a total of 1,982 individuals received an assisted death. Nearly 2,000 people able to spare themselves from their final agonies !!!!! It's all about being compassionate towards ourselves. How wonderful. Canada's law [...]

Final Options Illinois — June/July 2017 newsletter

Our June/July 2017 newsletter.  Featuring stories on the first anniversary of aid in dying being legal in both California and Canada, powerful articles from the Chicago Tribune and New York Times profiling Ray Perman and John Shields, respectively, and information about Compassion & Choices' new "Truth In Treatment" initiative, aiming to put people in charge of their health care decisions during their final days

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