Our voices are one of the largest catalysts for change. And our storytellers are the heart of our work to improve, expand and protect the full spectrum of options for end-of-life care. From those living with terminal illness to the loved ones who stand by watching helplessly, our work elevates the voices of those storytellers. In turn, those voices bring to life the consequences of limited end-of-life care options and help policymakers understand the need for new legislation.

Over the years, Compassion & Choices has cultivated a diverse group of truly profound storytellers — some heart wrenching, others heart warming. In this issue, you’ll read about how we culled those stories into a captivating photo exhibit and placed it in the corridors of the New York state legislative office building. As lawmakers walk the hallways, they can’t help but stop to read the moving stories of those who have suffered with debilitating illnesses with no option to live out their last days peacefully.  more at link

Our Voices — A Catalyst for Change