No Mercy:  Our Health Care System Lacks Compassion Option.  A powerful op-ed on the website Eco RI News, by the editor Frank Carini, published December 21, 2017.

Describes the agony of his father’s final 36 hours, dying from lung cancer:  “He was given morphine to dull the pain and help his labored breathing. He was prescribed Ativan to calm him. What he wasn’t given was a choice.”

Disposes of the arguments against:  “Opponents contend that doctors have a moral responsibility to keep their patients alive. They do, until a point of no return is reached and an adult decision exercised. They argue the ridiculous by trotting out the “slippery slope” cliche, saying euthanasia will lead to murder. They claim legalizing euthanasia will unfairly target the poor and disabled, and create incentives for insurance companies to terminate lives to save money. Poor and disabled people are just as capable of making end-of-life decisions, and insurance companies can’t pull the plug without consent. That would be murder.”