Dear supporters of the right to aid in dying,

We’re overjoyed to report that Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser signed Bill 2138, the Death With Dignity Act of 2016, on December 19th, completing final approval of the bill by the District of Columbia government.  There’s a beautiful picture of Mayor Bowser in the Washington Post story which appeared on the 20th.  Mayor Bowser’s action comes after the DC city council twice approved the bill by an overwhelming eleven to two majority, most recently on November 15th.  The bill could yet be overturned by the US Congress, so stay tuned; the Post reported that there’s a 30-day period, starting when the bill was signed, during which this could happen.

Here’s the Washington Post story which ran on November 1 when the bill first passed the DC council — check out the beautiful photo of Dan Diaz, widower of Brittany Maynard, who did so much to advance our cause, together with impassioned volunteers from Compassion & Choices.  And here’s the Washington Post story which ran on November 15 when the DC city council gave final approval to the legislation, featuring an enjoyable video of DC council member Yvette Alexander offering an amendment to ensure that the bill included the reporting requirement that will facilitate collection of data about how many people are using the law.

The news from DC follows the news from Colorado, where voters decisively approved a strong aid in dying bill on November 8th, by a nearly two to one margin. 2016 has been quite a year for our cause, with aid in dying laws going into effect in California and all across Canada, and the winning votes in Colorado and DC.  And we feel quite proud and grateful for the forthright and effective leadership of the two major national groups working for legal change — Compassion & Choices, and the Death With Dignity National Center.