Mass. Lawmakers Restart Debate Over Aid In Dying For The Terminally Ill

“Massachusetts legislators are attempting to revive proposed legislation that has been rejected multiple times — most recently last year — that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medications to help terminally ill patients die.

The most recent step in that renewed effort was an emotional hearing for both attendees and legislators at the State House on Tuesday that ran well over the allotted six hours.

“It took 10 long days for him to die, and I was there with him, watching him grimace,” said radio personality Diane Rehm about her husband, John, who died from Parkinson’s disease in 2014. “In the end, he died a very painful, elongated death which I will never, ever forget.”

Rehm, who traveled from Washington, D.C. to speak about her late husband, was one of over 125 advocates, opponents and concerned citizens who lined up to testify before the Joint Committee on Public Health for companion bills seeking to legalize medical aid in dying.

During Rehm’s testimony, Rep. Michael Soter grew visibly emotional and shared his personal experience with his ailing father.” more at link