“Colin Campbell, remembering the suffering his father went through in the late stages of emphysema, became a volunteer for Compassion & Choices, which advocates for patient rights for end-of-life care.

George Campbell died Dec. 26, 1980 at age 72 after three years in a nursing home.

“Every time I visited him, he asked me to give him something to help him die,” Campbell said. “I wanted so much to do something for him. But even if I could find some drug, if I had access. … It would be three hours later, he’s dead of a drug overdose – you can’t get away with it.”

Compassion & Choices helps people learn about their options and shows them how to prepare for death.

“Compassion & Choices teaches people the best ways to prepare for that one event that we are all absolutely guaranteed to experience,” Campbell stated in an email.

Compassion & Choices is hosting a free presentation from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 30 at the St. Charles Public Library, 1 S. Sixth Ave., St. Charles. Amy Sherman will present various care options, including palliative care, hospice and medical aid dying in authorized states.

Sherman, an attorney and the Midwest Regional Campaign Manager for Compassion & Choices, said the organization is part of a statewide group called the Illinois End of Life Options Coalition. It is a joint project with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and Final Options Illinois.” continue reading Kane County Chronicle piece