Watch this video of Californian Ray Perman from the Chicago Tribune.  “Faced with terminal illness, man chooses end-of-life option.”

This powerful, moving and informative piece on the Chicago Tribune website on April 4, 2017, features Ray Perman, a 64 year-old Californian suffering with advanced metastatic prostate cancer.  A longer article appeared in the Tribune print edition on April 12.

“As soon as my oncologist told me that there was nothing more that medicine could do for me, my very next words, because I was so interested in this, was to say that I would like to go with the End of Life Options Act,” said Mr. Perman.  “I want everyone to know tht it’s a beautiful law, a helpful law, a psychologically comforting law, not just for you as a patient, but for all the people around you.  It’s a monumental, favorable step towards quality of life.  And no one’s pushing you down any pipeline, you can get off any time.”