We just came across this incredibly powerful article, published in “Good Housekeeping” magazine on November 1, 2016.  It’s by Jenny Cooper, as told to Kate Storey.  Jenny died on December 1, after a long battle with breast cancer.

Ms. Cooper described her situation:  “I’m only 34, but for years, I’ve been fighting breast cancer which has spread throughout my body.  Today, I’m in hospice care, which means I could take my last breath any day.  I believe now more than ever that every terminally ill person deserves to have the choice to die on his or her own terms.  But I live in Texas, where it’s illegal for physicians to prescribe medication to end a terminally ill patient’s life.  I’m sharing my story because I hope I can make a difference.  I hope that people on the fence about ‘death with dignity’ laws, which would let me end my life with the assistance of a physician, will be able to put themselves in my shoes, my husband’s shoes and my kids’ shoes to understand why I’m fighting until the very end to make sure things change.”

Ms. Cooper concluded:  “The life we used to know ended awhile ago.  That’s why I think it should be up to me and my family when I end this battle.  I just don’t want them to be scared anymore.  I’m out of treatment options, so all I’m doing at this point is growing cancer and waiting for death.  Why would anyone force this on another person?  Giving the terminally ill the choice should be a basic human right.”

Thank you, Jenny !!!!  Your words will live on.