We need to rescue Washington DC’s wonderful new aid in dying law, from a horrifying act of overreach by some extremely foolish Congressmen.

Washington’s great new law was passed by the DC city council by an overwhelming 11 to 2 majority, in two separate votes, on November 1st and 15th of last year, and on December 19 Washington mayor Muriel E. Bowser signed it.  But the US Congress has the authority to override laws passed in the DC city council, and now several legislators have introduced a resolution to do just that.  Spurred on by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the resolution was introduced in the House by Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, and in the Senate, by Senator James Lankford (R-Oklahoma).

This blatantly undemocratic attempt to override the will of the people of Washington DC has been denounced by the editorial board of the Washington Post, which wrote on January 12, “A congressman overreaches on DC’s death-with-dignity law.”  Washington DC’s non-voting delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, said, “Senator Lankford and Representative Wenstrup claim to carry the mantle for a small, limited federal government, yet they have introduced bills that abuse the federal government’s power over the District in order to interfere with our purely local affairs.”  And Council member Mary Cheh, who authored the aid in dying law, blasted what she called “the extreme arrogance of these members of Congress who think that they can just impose their personal will on the 600,000 plus people of the District of Columbia.”

Let’s hope our senators and representatives in the US Congress vote NO on the Wenstrup-Lankford resolution to overturn the DC aid in dying law.