Our new December 2017 newsletter is now available, with fascinating articles about:

  • The new aid in dying law in Washington DC being in full force despite Congressional efforts to overturn it;
  • Our tremendous victory in Massachusetts, where the state medical society has dropped its opposition to aid in dying, signaling by the language they used that this group of prestigious doctors actually supports it;
  • The success of the Canadian aid in dying law in its first year;
  • The groundbreaking passage of aid in dying legislation in the Australian state of Victoria;
  • A heartfelt plea from FOI member Amanda Breeden to US Representative Darin LaHood, telling the story of her grandfather Grant McGuire, who was able to have a peaceful death with the help of the Oregon aid in dying law; and
  • A powerful Op-Ed by Final Exit Network president Janis Landis, overturning conventional expectations about how one should approach the end of life.

The fundraising letter which accompanied the newsletter is also available.