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The contemporary end-of-life experience is like no other in human history. Decades ago, a person who became sick or seriously injured usually died shortly thereafter. Not today. As a result of medical advances, we are gifted with longevity.  But with the gift of longevity comes a new set of challenges.

Hopeful for a miraculous cure, patients end up on an automatic conveyor belt of tests, treatments and hospitalizations. Their hopes are often quickly dashed when the side effects from aggressive treatment are more painful than the disease itself. The devastating effects of treatment can rob patients of their precious quality of life. Even when an advance directive is in place, all too often, it is not honored. The result is agonizing for everyone. It does not have to be this way.

Compassion & Choices is the nation’s oldest, largest and most active nonprofit organization committed to improving care and expanding options for the end of life. In this presentation, Kim Callinan, CEO of Compassion and Choices, will address how to:

  • Become an empowered consumer who learns to ask questions and consider treatment options before an illness becomes life limiting.
  • Assess your values and priorities so you know how to make treatment decisions that will allow you to “finish strong.”
  • Plan for your death so you can give your family the gift of clarity and yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have taken the appropriate steps to avoid unnecessary suffering and realize a peaceful death.
  • Join the movement of people who are seeking to expand option available to patients at life’s end, including the option for an eligible terminally ill person to end one’s life peacefully and with dignity if their suffering becomes too great.

Join us at the Champaign Public Library Main Branch, 200 West Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 217-403-2000