It’s not going anywhere in Ohio’s very conservative legislature, but it’s an important milestone nevertheless:  an Oregon-style aid in dying bill has been introduced by courageous state senator Charleta B. Tavares, a Democrat representing the Columbus area.

Aid in dying in Ohio is being promoted by our sister organization Ohio End of Life Options, led by Lisa Vigil Schattinger, a nurse, and the daughter of Oregon physician Dr. Jack Rowe, who, dying of cancer, wrote a profound piece advocating for aid in dying for the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2014.

State Senator Tavares was quoted in the Columbus Post-Dispatch:  “Ohioans should have the option because it’s about autonomy and control. it provides peace of mind for an individual who is terminally ill. It respects the end-of-life wishes of the individual. The beauty of this legislation is that it does not force anybody to do anything, but is an option.”

Bizarre comments from opponents quoted in the Columbus Post-Dispatch show the continuing importance of public education on the issue.  Ms. Schattinger says, “We call it, medical aid in dying for the terminally ill.”

Read the Post-Dispatch article here