Is Dying A Pro-Choice Issue?  Cover article in The Humanist issue of January/February 2015 by Tone Stockenstrom, about the World Federation Conference held in Chicago in September 2014.  With extensive quotes from Hemlock of Illinois president Ed Gogol, Hemlock of Illinois members Lynn and Court Lawson, author Derek Humphry, senior medical director for Final Exit Network Dr. Richard MacDonald, Canadian legislator Veronique Hivon, Archbishop Emeritus of Capetown South Africa Desmond Tutu, and South African activist Sean Davison.  One of the best quotes:  “‘The worldwide death-with-dignity movement is rapidly growing because increasing numbers of people believe that being able to control your own death is the ultimate human right’, said conference attendee Ed Gogol, a member of the American Humanist Association and the president of Hemlock of Illinois (an independent affiliate of the Final Exit Network).  ‘Mentally competent adults who are suffering intolerably have a basic human right at the end of life to choose a peaceful, dignified and pain-free death.'”  Also see the Editor’s Note:  A Watershed Moment for Death With Dignity, by editor-in-chief Jennifer Bardi.