The news from Canada about their new aid in dying law is out, and it’s official: the law is a huge, unqualified success. Health Canada reports that in the laws first year of operation, from June 2016 to June 2017, a total of 1,982 individuals received an assisted death. Nearly 2,000 people able to spare themselves from their final agonies !!!!! It’s all about being compassionate towards ourselves. How wonderful.

Canada’s law is better than the US laws because it allows either self-administration or doctor-administration of the needed meds. You still have to be mentally competent, terminally ill and able to say to the doc, “I want out, let me go,” but the doctor can administer the drugs. This seems wonderful, we think, because it allows the person to hang on until the very last minute where they can’t tolerate their suffering any more. And what’s fascinating: of these 1,982 people, only five “self-administered” the needed meds. The overwhelming majority chose doctor administration.

And in a last bit of good news. Terminally ill Canadians can now obtain secobarbital, one of the two best drugs for self-deliverance. Hurray, Canada, thank you for showing the way.

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