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10 Years of Baxter v. Montana: Access and Protection Efforts Continue

10 Years of Baxter v. Montana: Access and Protection Efforts Continue   December 31, 2019, marked 10 years since the landmark Baxter v. Montana ruling, which authorized medical aid in dying in Montana. Compassion & Choices continues efforts on the ground in Montana to educate and empower residents to learn about their end-of-life options and to protect medical aid in dying from legislative attacks. Bob Baxter volunteered to be the lead plaintiff in Compassion [...]

January 29th, 2020|

Storyteller Spotlight: Debbie Stern

Storyteller Spotlight: Debbie Stern Debbie Stern, a retired psychiatric social worker, has had end-of-life issues on her mind since caring for her father after his lung cancer diagnosis. “We were very close, and it was a horrible death,” she recalls. “He ended up going down to 75 pounds from being a big man, and he was totally delusional at the end. It was awful, very traumatic.” Debbie, who began feeling ill 11 [...]

January 29th, 2020|

Display Exhibition and Press Conference Urge New York Legislators to “Pass Medical Aid in Dying NOW”

Compassion & Choices national staff and New York-based volunteers spent three days at New York’s Legislative Office Building and Capitol, January 21-23, exhibiting an inspiring and moving educational display on medical aid in dying for legislators and visitors. The display featured profiles of local and national leaders in the end-of-life care movement. Included are Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town and Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu and other faith leaders; nationally recognizable advocates; [...]

January 29th, 2020|

Our Voices — A Catalyst for Change by Kim Callinan, CEO of C&C

Our voices are one of the largest catalysts for change. And our storytellers are the heart of our work to improve, expand and protect the full spectrum of options for end-of-life care. From those living with terminal illness to the loved ones who stand by watching helplessly, our work elevates the voices of those storytellers. In turn, those voices bring to life the consequences of limited end-of-life care options and help policymakers understand [...]

January 29th, 2020|

Terminally Ill, He Wanted Aid-In-Dying. His Catholic Hospital Said No.

GOLDEN, Colo. ― The call came the last week of September, when Neil Mahoney could still stagger from his bed to the porch of his mobile home to let out his boisterous yellow Lab, Ryder. Rodney Diffendaffer, a clinical pharmacist in Longmont, 45 miles away, had left a message. Your prescription is ready, it said. Mahoney, a once-rugged outdoorsman now reduced to bones, his belly swollen with incurable cancer, sighed with relief. [...]

January 29th, 2020|

Diagnosed with dementia, she documented her wishes for the end. Then her retirement home said no.

Diagnosed with dementia, she documented her wishes for the end. Then her retirement home said no. "When she worked on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, long before cellphone calculators, Susan Saran could perform complex math problems in her head. Years later, as one of its top regulators, she was in charge of investigating insider trading deals.   Today, she struggles to remember multiplication tables.   Seven years ago, [...]

January 29th, 2020|
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