A fascinating article from thehill.com, one of the indispensable news sites for Congress, Allow modern medicine to relieve agonizing end-of-life experiences, by Compassion & Choices chief program officer Kim Callinan, on December 25, 2017.  It’s a comprehensive piece covering the “palliative care option known as medical aid in dying,” she writes.  “Sure, we allow people access to other forms of palliative are.  Yet those cannot alleviate every patient’s agony.  Sadly our approach to death has not kept up with our progress in medicine, and as a result people suffer needlessly.”  One really interesting item:  the organization Disability Rights Oregon, whose mission is “to promote and defend the rights of individuals with disabilities,” testified last year that it has never received a single complaint about the Oregon Death With Dignity Act.  Not one, in more than twenty years!