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Aid in Dying Movement Advances

Editorial in the New York Times, October 10, 2016, in which the Times makes clear its support for aid in dying. Responding to the statement by the New York Medical Society opposing aid in dying, the Times writes: “In fact, terminal patients in excruciating pain and their relatives contemplate these implications every day around the country. There is no compelling reason to deprive them of physician-assisted dying as one option alongside high-quality innovative palliative care.” The editorial describes how the issue became personal for New York assemblywoman Amy Paulin, when her sister was dying of ovarian cancer. “‘The pain was unbelievable,’ Ms. Paulin said, describing her sister’s final days. ‘She would be crying in agony.’ If her sister had lived in a state where requesting a lethal dose of medicine was legal, Ms. Paulin said, she may have been spared days of misery. ‘It would have been a much better ending.'”

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