About Final Options Illinois

Final Options Illinois was founded in 1986. Back then, the national organization for aid in dying was called the Hemlock Society, and hence our original name was Hemlock of Illinois.

We are dedicated to achieving legal change, to make aid in dying fully legal and part of accepted medical practice, here in Illinois.

Aid in dying is truly a matter of simple human rights, and it is a human right we most fervently desire for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for all humanity. We all hope that we have a peaceful death … but too often that cannot be possible without aid in dying, without the right to cut our suffering short, in a peaceful and humane way, if our suffering has truly become unbearable.

We invite you to join us. If you wish to become a member of Final Options Illinois, please send your initial membership contribution, of any amount. We have no annual membership dues. Members contribute as they can and as they desire. Contributions to Final Options Illinois are tax-deductible.